The Issues

Fair Districting and Voting Rights

Support an independent, non-partisan commission to draw maps for fair voting districts.

Expand ways to increase voter registration among all eligible citizens.

Support efforts to improve voter turnout across all districts.

Jobs and the Economy

Attract business development and jobs with appropriate infrastructure and a knowledgeable workforce.

Support equal pay for equal work, living wages, and safe working conditions.

Public Education

Provide quality public education for all children regardless of their zip code.

Address staff and infrastructure needs for a safe and productive learning environment for our children and their teachers.

Restore teacher pay and benefits to at least the national average.

Expand access to pre-K and affordable higher education.

Quality of Life

Protect the public's right to clean water by holding corporations accountable for cleanup of their pollution that threatens our rivers and other water sources.

Adopt policies that encourage the use of renewable and sustainable energy.

Expand access to available healthcare.


Support systems for aging-in-place, such as meals-on-wheels and adult daycare.

Recognize the contribution of family caregivers, including their need for respite care.

Protect retirees' pensions and benefits from unfair attacks.

Equality for All

Work to ensure that all people are recognized as equal before the law and treated equitably, without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, class, religious preference, age, or disability.